Moms Overcoming Overwhelm

The step-by-step roadmap that will take you from exhausted to empowered in five weeks
(even if you have no idea where to start).

A Four-Step Roadmap to Overcome Overwhelm

Moms Overcoming Overwhelm takes you step-by-step through the four-step roadmap:

1. Build your foundation for success by gaining clarity on where you are in your motherhood and where you want to go using my "5 D's" system.
2. Eliminate what doesn't serve you including clutter, to-do's, and decisions.
3. Delegate what you can because you were never meant to do "all.the.things".
4. Automate the rest by leveraging the power of rhythms, routines, and habits to free up your precious resources of time, energy, focus, and attention.

Short Lessons On the Go

I understand that when you’re overwhelmed, it’s a lot to ask to make an investment of your precious resources of money and time. That’s why I will only release one module per week so you don’t drown in content! If you can commit to 20 minutes per day, you can do this course!

5 Weeks of Q&A's and Community
of Moms Just Like You!

As part of the Moms Overcoming Overwhelm course, you will receive five weekly Q&A sessions with the instructor, Emily McDermott and will also be able to ask questions and share your progress in our private Facebook group during the course and beyond!

You're worth it, mama. Let's banish overwhelm together, step-by-step.