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Moms Overcoming Overwhelm

The step-by-step roadmap that will take you from exhausted to empowered in five weeks (even if you have no idea where to start)

Did you ever look in the mirror and think, "I thought motherhood would be different than this?" 

You expected motherhood would be hard, especially with littles.

What you didn't expect was:

The STUFF. Everywhere. All the time, no matter how much you clean up after the kids. When they finally fall asleep, when you just want to be able to relax and not think about the house for a few hours before you collapse into bed, all the stuff is still there waiting for you the next day.

Feeling constantly like there’s something else that you should be doing when you’re with your kids. Your to-do list is constantly running in your head, yet you never feel like you can get on top of managing your house…or your life.

Having no idea where to start or find the time to breathe, let alone create the motherhood you want underneath piles of toys and laundry.

Feeling like other moms of young kids somehow have it all “figured out” but you’re left behind, feeling inadequate and ill-equipped for this whole motherhood thing?

Imagine what it would be like if...

You could be present and enjoy time with your kids instead of saying, "Just a minute, Mommy has to clean up"

You knew the tools and strategies to shift your mindset and declutter your home and calendar- for good

You were anchored to an unshakable "why" that gave you confidence in your motherhood journey

Motherhood didn't feel like a struggle because you had rhythms and routines in place that ensured your success

You spent your precious resources of time, energy, focus, and attention on the things that make you feel successful, eliminating the things and decisions that drain you

You felt confident enough to have open and ongoing conversations with your spouse/partner about what can be taken off your plate, and empowering your family and others to help

Introducing Moms Overcoming Overwhelm, an online course for moms of kids ages 6 months to 5 years who are committed to following the four-step roadmap to help you rediscover joy in your motherhood - and your life. Just take it from these moms just like you...

  "Moms Overcoming Overwhelm helped me understand my why and the areas that challenge me. By knowing my why, it really motivated me to change and Emily showed me how to fix it.I’ve already found myself to be so much more productive and meaningful in my actions. My husband, kids, and I are all living lighter, so we have more time to just BE! It really feels great both mentally and physically. I’m so thankful for Emily’s method and her teaching me how to make this work in our home."

Lauren M.
Mom of three

 "I’d like to thank Emily for helping me with tools needed to help me hold my values in place when I take action, especially when it comes to motherhood. The tools she has helped put in my tool belt make it easier for me to decide what is important and what's not."

Elizabeth B.
Mom of one

 "The Moms Overcoming Overwhelm course gave me a much needed framework to think about my priorities in both motherhood and life. Emily validated some of what I was already doing and taught me useful strategies for areas where I was struggling, giving me a whole new perspective and confidence moving forward!"

Marti L.
Mom of three

"In a time with seemingly endless decisions, I'm grateful Emily made some of mine easier. She helped me to realize what the important daily activities are that shouldn’t even be decisions but no-brainer 'yeses'! The course also helped me to declutter and put systems in place which have allowed us to find more moments of quality time together."

Joanna L.
Mom of three

Are you ready to follow the Moms Overcoming Overwhelm four-step roadmap
so that you can learn to:

Understand your deepest why and how to align your actions with it, while defining success in your motherhood and your life?

Eliminate what doesn't serve you in your home, your calendar, and your mind so you can focus on what's most important?

Learn how to gain the precious resources of time, energy, attention, and focus by understanding your unique highest point of contribution?

Learn how to leverage the power of rhythms and routines so you can automate as much as possible, freeing up precious brainpower and energy?

This course is not open for enrollment

Moms Overcoming Overwhelm

The step-by-step roadmap that will take you from exhausted to empowered in five weeks (even if you have no idea where to start)

It's time to get out of overwhelm. You're worth it, mama.

Emily McDermott

Hi! I'm Emily McDermott, Air Force wife and mom to two boys 6 and under. I'm also your instructor for the Moms Overcoming Overwhelm course.

My journey to simplify started in 2014 when my husband and I were going through fertility treatments. I was overwhelmed by my job, my commitments, and the amount of stuff in my home. I wanted to make the physical and emotional space necessary to bring a baby into our lives. I started writing about my experiences at on my blog, Simple by Emmy. We were blessed to have not one, but two boys (#boymom). Being a mom has been rewarding but extremely challenging. Over the past eight years I have eliminated what doesn’t serve me, delegated what I can, and have created systems and daily rhythms that have allowed me to live an intentional and purpose-filled life. I created Moms Overcoming Overwhelm to help moms just like you who are tired of all the stuff, the to-do’s, and the mental clutter that is keeping you from enjoying your motherhood. I can’t wait to go along with you on this journey!

Here's What You'll Learn in the Course...

Plus these exclusive bonuses that will support you in your journey to reclaim your precious resources of time, energy, focus, and attention so you can make your vision of a peaceful motherhood a reality...

Five Weeks of 60-minute Q&A sessions ($250 value)

I am available to answer all of your questions about the course, your specific roadblocks, and any other questions you may have! Q&A sessions will be conducted in Zoom with a replay available.

Sleep Foundations Masterclass with Catherine Hart ($49 value)

 Catherine Hart is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Baby Sleep Team based out of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Catherine is passionate about helping families to get more sleep. She ensures that parents are equipped to adapt to their own unique situation without compromising their parenting style that will benefit the whole family. In this bonus, Catherine is going to cover sleep hygiene which are the foundations to establishing healthy sleep habits.

Making Self-Care Happen by Onnie Michalsky ($49 value)

 Onnie Michalsky is a certified health coach specializing in guiding moms to go from being stressed-out, overwhelmed, and exhausted to a place of embracing motherhood and loving their life. Onnie shares her knowledge about the five domains of self-care and how you can prioritize and implement self-care every day!

Understand Your Thoughts to Overcome Overwhelm by Danielle Thienel ($49 value)

Certified Life Coach and host of the Peaceful Mind Podcast Danielle Thienel shows you how to identify the thoughts causing you to feel overwhelmed, and how to shift your mindset so that you can move forward with confidence!

So to review, here's what you'll get...

1. A five-module course broken up into manageable lessons (video or audio, depending on your preference) so you can discover your deepest why, eliminate what doesn’t serve you, delegate what you can, and automate the rest.

2. A four-step roadmap, including the 16 transformational exercises you’ll complete over the five weeks and additional support documents to help you every step of the way.

3. Direct coaching from me during the five-week period, including weekly Q&A sessions via Zoom.

4. Three amazing bonuses from experts in pediatric sleep, self-care, and life coaching for moms.

5. Lifetime access to the course, as well as a private Facebook group with other moms in your same season of life supporting each other through our simplifying journeys.

Plus, you'll be backed by a risk-free 14-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I know this course is an investment in yourself, when it feels like you don’t have any time, energy, or focus to spare. That, to me, is a big deal. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and am happy to offer a 14-day, 100% money back guarantee. After 14 days, you will have completed the two largest modules of the course and two Q&A sessions with me, in addition to receiving the other bonuses. I believe you will receive immense value from them. However, if you don’t feel like the program has helped you overcome overwhelm, please reach out, show me that you’ve completed the exercises supporting the modules, and I will be happy to refund you.

You've got questions? I've got answers!

The course will be available to purchase again in October 2022 after it is updated and simplified! If you'd like to get on the waitlist, you can visit 

The welcome module and Module 1 will be available as a free preview for everyone! One module is released per week. But remember, you will have lifetime access to the course and to the Facebook group so you will never be behind!

Once you purchase Moms Overcoming Overwhelm, you will receive your login details immediately. Each module will be released on a weekly basis and will be available on the course platform. The video lessons can be easily downloaded as .mp3 audio files that you can easily take on the go and listen to wherever! The PDF exercises that accompany some of the lessons are fillable and downloadable.

I understand that when you’re overwhelmed, it’s a lot to ask to make an investment of your precious resources of money and time. That’s why I will only release one module per week so you don’t drown in content! If you can commit to 20 minutes per day, you can do this course!

Yes! I will be going live once a week for Q&A’s in our private Facebook group (more if the group needs) and I can also answer individual questions and provide coaching/follow-up via text, phone, or e-mail throughout the five-week course.

You have lifetime access to the course material (video lessons, audio and PDF files, bonuses) as well as the private Facebook group.

Yes and no. There are several books, blogs, podcasts, and other resources that focus on topics such as identifying your values, decluttering, developing routines, and other things we cover in the course. However, I offer an intentional, proven, step-by-step process for moms who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Google searches don’t provide you with a roadmap to success. This course does.

I am not the main income generator in my household, either. I truly understand where you are coming from. I want this to be accessible to as many moms as possible, which is why I offer both a payment plan (an initial payment of $50 and another payment of $50 after 30 days) as well as a 14 day money-back guarantee. If your spouse/partner understands how overwhelmed you are feeling and knows the financial risk is low, I am confident the discussion will be easier!

We delve into deep mindset work in Module 1 that will help you anchor to your deepest why, shift to a mentality of abundance rather than scarcity, and make it easier to let go of what no longer serves you. If you truly do the mindset work at the beginning of this course and see it through, you will not be in a cycle of decluttering again.

Moms just like you have gotten off the struggle bus and have said "no" to overwhelm - for good!

 "I truly found this course valuable and worth my time. As a current SAHM, I appreciate the tips on how to streamline what is top priority for me. I especially love Emily’s editable rhythms template that I can reference on a daily basis which includes priorities for that day. Her exercises on a variety of topics were helpful and insightful. These include the topics of: habits, decluttering, reflecting on your blueprint, routines/ rhythms, delegating, limiting distractions, simplifying, and much more. I really appreciate her time, reflective exercises, and insight! It’s the total package.

Brenna S.
Mom of one

I know what you're thinking..."I'm too overwhelmed to think about taking a course right now!"

I got you! I only release ONE module per week. Each one is broken down into lessons that are 20 minutes or less! You can listen while making dinner, doing laundry, or taking a (much deserved) walk!  The written exercises in the workbook are short but impactful, and should take you no more than an hour per week.  We will implement as we go along, and I will be with you every step of the way if you encounter any resistance or roadblocks.  Remember I am holding your hand through the exact step-by-step process I have taken myself and other moms through JUST LIKE YOU. You can do this, and you deserve to invest in the life you want and deserve.

I'll help you:

* Shift your mindset so that you can remove the things that no longer serve you so you can banish decision fatigue and overwhelm - for good

* Understand your deepest why when it comes to eliminating the inessential so you can live a life free of clutter and full of what is most important to you

* Know your highest point of contribution and be able to delegate what is not worth your time - without the guilt

* Develop routines and rhythms that help you simplify and feel like you can enjoy your motherhood again

* Free up the most precious resources of time, energy, and focus by understanding the science behind habits and how it can work for you

You CAN overcome overwhelm. I believe that overwhelm comes from having too much stuff, to many to-do’s and not having any idea where to start. When we understand our deepest why and our personal definition of success in our motherhood (not a Pinterest-perfect version), we can eliminate what no longer serves us, delegate what we can, and automate the rest.  I hope you will join me to transform your motherhood…and your life.

I am confident that the Moms Overcoming Overwhelm course will transform your life and your motherhood. I also know that you may be hesitant to spend money on a course, especially if you aren't the primary money maker in the house. That's why I'm happy to offer a payment plan to make the program more accessible to the moms who truly need it.

Hope to see you on the inside!